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Global talent resources

Propaganda cover 36+ countries/regions 36+

Covering 240+ institutions and scientific research institutes worldwide

Covering the world for nearly 6 months of active talents 26000+ people

Global high -end talent resource library 56800+ people

Overseas post -blogging scientific research talent active community 226+ individuals

The email library covers 10,000+ people in the job hunting personnel for nearly 6 months

Hielite Haiyinghui is the largest China background: Global high -end talent database library, covering doctoral, postdoctoral, scientific researchers, and youth innovation high -level talent resources in the field of scientific research units in world -class universities. , Business, Medicine, Literature, Fa, and Cross Discipline. As of 2021, the total number of Haiyinghui global high -end talent resources was 56,800. 81%came from the United States, Britain and Europe. Among them, 53%of overseas doctoral talents accounted for 26%of postdoctoral and technological innovation talents, and 19%of professors and associate professors.