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Hieliteglobal 海英荟®_ Global Scientific Researchers and Overseas Science and Technology Talent Service Platform. It is the science and technology industry directly under the Ministry of Education's universities: Wuhan Huazhong University Education Technology Co., Ltd. under the policy guidance and funding support of the district and municipal government, and co -founded at home and abroad co -founded by the world's top scientific researchers and overseas talent work stations Hierarchical talent service platform.

The platform actively responds to the national plan to promote the construction of world -class universities and first -class disciplines. It is committed to introducing young scholars and overseas high -level talents for domestic universities, scientific research institutes, well -known enterprises and institutions to build a service platform. Scientific research and scientific and technological talents return to work and develop.

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HiEliteGlobal 海英荟 ®_Service platform for global scientific research scholars and overseas scientific and technological talents

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