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"Hieliteglobal" -China Overseas Elite Talent Friendship Association, global young scholars and overseas science and technology talent service platforms, is the science and technology industry directly under the Ministry of Han Education and Education. Under the support of policy guidance and funding, it is a high -level talent service platform co -founded by the world's top scientific researchers and overseas talent workstations.

The platform actively responds to the national plan to promote the construction of world -class universities and first -class disciplines. It is committed to introducing young scholars and overseas high -level talents for domestic universities, scientific research institutes, well -known enterprises and institutions to build a service platform. Scientific research and scientific and technological talents return to work and develop.

Since 2020, Haiyinghui has united the "Yunshou hiring" platform to actively integrate the strengths of all parties. With advanced and practical video technologies, enriching information transmission forms, and widely promoted multiple channels, making information transmission more efficient. In the field of education, video multimedia first -class service platform.

Since 2012, Haiyinghui has held doctoral, post -doctoral young scholars and scientific and technological talent conferences in the top 200 world universities in the world. Cooperation relationships have accumulated a large number of young scholars and scientific and technological talent resources such as doctors and post -doctoral institutions of overseas universities and scientific research institutions. They have established a global active talent community to connect the global connection in real time.

In 2020, the global epidemic spread, and the cloud hiring platform made full use of the cloud promotion, cloud forum, cloud conference, cloud interviews and other forms of cloud information and media technical services. The institutes, government departments, and public institutions provide advanced cloud hiring services, covering nearly 26,000 elite talents around the world.

As of 2020, Yunnan hired-Haiyinghui Global high-end talent warehouse resources were nearly 56,800. Provide resources and assistance services for the introduction of high -level talents in nearly 100 domestic universities, scientific research institutions, and well -known enterprises. Support and identity of the company's technical research and development center.